Sunday, October 28, 2018, 3:30–7:30pm

Eastern Hills Hike

This will be an approximately 7-mile hike exploring some of the hills and trails in and around the Montecito Heights and Rose Hill neighborhoods. Intended as experiential rather than didactic, we will not have lecture stops (like our walk in May). What we will have are interesting places, unexpected connections, and spectacular views!

Departing from the Southwest Museum Gold Line station at 3:30pm
Ending at the Heritage Square Gold Line station maybe around 7:30-8pm


  • Please note that this is very much a hike, rather than simple a walk. There will be a good amount of elevation change throughout the afternoon and we will traverse various terrains. We’ll also endeavor to keep a reasonably brisk pace.

  • There will be a couple water refill stops along the way and at least one restroom break. Please bring any food, layers, sunscreen, flashlights, etc. you think you may need.

  • We recommend you take the Gold Line to the start but, if you need to drive, it is probably easiest to park at our ending point, Heritage Square (and then take the Metro one stop to our start).